Directly across the road from Hill Top we have a small paddock which is used by local breeder of Kendal Rough Fell sheep, Andrea Meanwell. Andrea is a member of the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders Society and is keen on promoting the breed, which is actually the local breed of sheep in our area.

Sheep have been vital to the economy of Cumbria for centuries. The wealth of Kendal was built upon the wool trade. There are three breeds of sheep native to Cumbria: Herdwick, Swaledale and Rough Fell. The Rough Fell is the largest of these mountain breeds. It is a very docile sheep and the ewe is an excellent mother to her lambs. The long fleeces are used to manufacture woollen carpets. For more details see

Our paddock is an excellent space to keep the 'tups', the male sheep which are used for breeding. These sheep are only with the rest of the flock for the months of November and December. For the rest of the year they are on their holidays at Hill Top, relaxing and being pampered. They are used to people as they are fed all year round and will come running to the gate to see you.

The Cottage at Hill Top - Sheep in paddock

Guests are welcome to feed the sheep with their special diet which Andrea kindly provides.

Kendal Rough Fell Sheep